Why She’s Running

Tinu is running for judge to be an impartial, compassionate, and experienced voice on the bench. She will always rule fairly, and always taking the time to consider an alternative point of view.

For the last 10 years, Tinu has assisted hard-working men and women in navigating Delaware County’s courts. Her primary practice is family, criminal and civil law.  From this experience, she has learned first-hand, how important patient, compassionate, conscious, and experienced judges are to ensure fairness and justice in decision-making.

 Having to appear in court, and putting their trust in someone they don’t know personally, can be both frightening and stressful.  Tinu’s main source of pride is in being able to walk someone through that process, assuring them that they have an advocate in her. There are many who believe that there is a divide between the judicial branch and community. A divide built on the belief that you must have money or know a person of importance, to achieve a favorable outcome.  Additionally, confronting a court that all too often does not appear to be one consisting of your peers, furthers the perception that our courts may not have the capacity or ability to see their point of view — to be judged empathetically.

 These experiences over the last decade have culminated in a passion for Tinu to be a part of the process, by running for judge, where she can take a seat on the bench and provide each person that comes before her the impartiality, compassion and fairness they seek.  Tinu believes passionately in having an independent judicial branch that the people of Delaware County can trust.  Tinu Moss will work to make the court system more transparent, fair and accessible for every resident.